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Bergstrom Attorneys PLLC Can Help You Draft a 'Prenup' for a Successful Marriage

premarital agreement photoWe take an optimistic approach to premarital agreements by using them to build a successful marrage.  Too often people assume prenups are a pre-divorce agreement instead of a premarital agreement.  In our view a premarital agreement should be a combination of your wedding ceremony vows and an operating agreement every successful organization would require to function.  

Your premarital agreement should address how you plan to succeed where other marriages fail.  It is well documented that marriages fail due to lack of communication and lack of agreement regarding household duties, finances, child development, religion, and dispute resolution.  Our attorneys can guide you and your partner in a discussion of these issues and more.  In fact, our clients often find these conversations to be meaningful and inspiring.  

Of course a premarital agreement should have contingency plans in the event of divorce; however, we would recommend this sort of preparation for the same reason we recommend estate planning for all clients.  It's always important to prepare for the unexpected, particularly if you need to protect assets for the future.  For example, if you have children from a previous marriage, or you have investments or a business from before your marriage, you might have special concerns for handling those issues in the event of a divorce.  The best strategy, of course, is proactive by addressing your concerns in a premarital agreement, otherwise they could be lost in a divorce proceeding.  


Are You a Newly-Engaged Millenial or the Parent of an Engaged Millenial?

According to recent public surveys, the millenial generation have greater interest in premarital agreements.  Millenials often marry later in life after they've accumulated greater wealth than the newlyweds of previous generations.  Millenials are also more likely to marry someone with significant debts, particularly student loans.  Millenials are also more likely to be the children of divorced parents, thus they are concerned with building a successful marriage and avoiding the damaging effects of divorce.

If you are a newly-engaged millenial, contact Bergstrom Attorneys PLLC to discuss how we can make 'the prenup talk' a positive experience for you and your partner.

If you are the parent of an engaged millenial, our premarital agreement services could be the best engagement present you could give the happy and hopeful couple.   

Contact Bergstrom Attorneys PLLC to schedule a premarital agreement consultation, or recommend these services to a newly engaged couple you want to support in their happy married life. 

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