An Estate Plan should protect yourself first, then your loved ones.

We advise clients to view an estate plan as a contingency plan because, whether for convenience or in an emergency, a client could one day need the help of another person. For example, sometime the client might need a representative in a financial or legal matter or during an illness or injury. An estate plan should address these situations, and, therefore, protect the client during his or her lifetime. This can be accomplished by a durable power of attorney, advance medical directive, and a revocable trust.


Everyone should have an estate plan,
regardless of age, health, or wealth.


Additionally, of course, an estate plan should fulfill the client's wishes at the end of life by identifying who would inherit and who would oversee the inheritance process. Further, we can help clients create an estate plan which helps their loved ones avoid bureaucracy, minimize legal fees, and protect privacy. A complete estate plan begins with a last will and testament, and we help our clients determine if a revocable trust (also known as a living trust) could best address their goals and circumstances.


We help clients avoid bureaucracy,
minimize legal expenses, protect privacy.


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