Today Bergstrom Attorneys's Managing Attorney, Matthew Bergstrom, spoke to the Central Virginia Chapter of the Financial Planners Association in Richmond, Virginia. Mr. Bergstrom addressed the special challenges of handling nontraditional assets in legal matters, particularly in estate planning.

Whether your investment portfolio or personal assets include art, animals, or armaments, you might not think to raise such topics with your attorney. It is the policy of Bergstrom Attorneys to raise these issues in the event you do own something that requires special care and attention. We consider these matters from various standpoints, including: wealth management, asset protection, preservation, risk, and inheritance, among others. We particularly focus on the needs of the parties in the future who might become involved with your nontraditional assets, such as executors, successor trustees, heirs, and beneficiaries. 

Will you or your loved ones understand the care and handling of your assets?  For example, might an antique require periodic restoration?  Will firearms require compliance with complex state and federal laws?  Are funds needed for the maintenance of your pets?  How would passwords to digital media be disclosed?

Contact us to discuss your special concerns regarding nontraditional assets. Bergstrom Attorneys's team of attorneys and our network of subject matter experts are ready to help you and the next generation enjoy your nontraditional assets.